Made in Bavaria – for the world

“Saving lives out of conviction.”

The LifesafAIR® of the Ingolstadt-based company trimatec was developed in record time by various specialists from medicine, medical technology, software development, quality management and agile project management due to the corona pandemic. The device is currently in the conformity assessment process; CE certification in accordance with Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 is expected soon.

The motivation of the project team: “If we only save one human life, it will be worth it!” Became a major goal.

The product

Initially designed only for the corona pandemic, the LifesafAIR® has been further developed into an intensive care ventilator. Thanks to the patented design, intensive ventilation devices can be produced in large numbers within a very short time
to be produced. This is made possible by the consistent use of high-performance industrial components which are available in large numbers on the market. No compromises were made in terms of functionality. LifesafAIR®
can be used to treat seriously ill patients during all phases of severe lung failure (ARDS).


    Equipped to save lives.

    The construction of our LifesafAIR®

    Extremely ROBUST

    The LifesafAIR® is robust to withstand extreme climatic conditions and can be operated under the influence of harsh environmental factors. It is designed for invasive and non-invasive ventilation. The efficient battery system
    enables operation without power supply, optionally for more than 2 hours.

    Incredibly USER FRIENDLY

    For the LifesafAIR®, the simple and user-friendly structure and control is the key to making high-tech ventilation available to as many people as possible. The tested and certified standard components
    as well as remote maintenance make the device affordable and low-maintenance in the long run.

    Made (and Engineered) in Germany

    For the development of the LifesafAIR®, we have used components customary in the industry, which are successfully used in countless high-tech machines in international industry. The heart of the ventilator united
    the knowledge and experience from decades of German engineering.

    Performance characteristics

    The range of our LifesafAIR®

    Suitable for invasive ventilation (tube)

    (pressure or volume controlled), with  or without the support of spontaneous breathing

    Suitable for non-invasive

    Ventilation (mask or nasal cannula)

    Additionally with high-flow oxygenation

    Easy maintenance

    Thanks to the use of industrial components and the elimination of special parts, simple maintenance and the unproblematic supply of spare parts are guaranteed. All components can be accessed quickly and easily.


    Pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV mode)

    For ventilation of patients without their own spontaneous breathing when using a tube or mask. The pressure and oxygen content are continuously adjustable from 5 … 80 mbar or 21 %…100% oxygen. An adjustable PEEP pressure ensures
    to ensure that the minimum pressure is not fallen below when exhaling.

    Volume controlled ventilation (VC-CMV mode)

    For ventilation of patients without their own spontaneous breathing when using a tube or mask. Volume and oxygen content are continuously adjustable from 50 … 2,000 ml or 21 %…100% oxygen. An adjustable PEEP pressure
    ensures that the pressure does not fall below the minimum when exhaling.

    Spontaneous breathing support (CPAP / ASB mode)

    For ventilation of patients with their own spontaneous breathing when using a mask. The oxygen content is continuously adjustable from 21 %…100% .  An adjustable PEEP pressure ensures that the minimum pressure when exhaling
    is not fallen below.

    High-flow oxygen therapy (mode HFO)

    In the case of non-invasive treatment (nasal cannula or mask), high-flow oxygen treatment is possible. Flow and oxygen content are continuously adjustable from 1 … 80 l / min or 21 %…100% oxygen.

    When using this mode, a downstream breathing gas temperature control and humidification is required!

    Filter system, humidifier and anesthetic gas equipment can be attached externally

    Existing equipment with ISO connection Ø 22mm can be used, no adaptation required!

    Intuitive and safe operation

    via 10 “touch screen, minimal training effort.


    Central gas supply or gas bottle connection with DIN connectors (DIN 13260), MEDAP or other types of connection possible on request.

    Two patient hose system Ø 22mm conical with coding of inner and outer diameter, commercially available filters and patient hose systems can be connected.

    Electrical supply 110 / 230VAC 50 / 60Hz, connection cable available for all country variants.

    Mobile and quick to use

    Mobile with swiveling and lockable wheels.

    Self-sufficient energy supply via battery.

    Bottle holder for 5kg bottle (Ø 140mm), oxygen or air quantity sufficient for approx. 2 hours of self-sufficient ventilation.

    Instant-On when bridging the device self-test: 50sec. from the de-energized device to the start of ventilation!

    Integrated emergency power

    Integrated emergency power supply for power outages or transport for at least 30 minutes.

    + With the optional XL battery pack, it is independent of the mains for at least two hours.

    Simple and ergonomic handling

    Multi-colored LED for signaling the operating status.

    Optical and acoustic alarms.

    Ergonomic support arm (rotatable / pivotable / tiltable).

    Robust, stable metal housing, suitable for long-term storage, “rugged use”.

    + Optional online connectivity package: remote software updates, remote support (telemedicine, remote maintenance).

    Easy disinfection and sterilization. All over.

    No costs when changing patients due to consumables.

    Components contaminated by ventilation can be removed within a few minutes and sterilized in an autoclave.

    Setting options

    Respiratory rate

    2 … 100 breaths per minute

    Respiratory volume

    50 … 2,000 ml per breath

    I / E ratio

    1:0,5 … 1:4


    0 … 50 mbar


    0 … 70 mbar

    Patient-triggered breathing

    0 … 10 mbar


    21 … 100% oxygen content

    Apnea time

    5 … 60 sec

    Sea level

    0 … 5,000 m

    Patient age

    from 2 years

    Patient weight

    from 10 kg

    Patient size

    from 80 cm

    Weight: 85 kg

    Dimensions: width 730 mm, depth 349 mm, height 1,063 mm

    Inspiratory connection (inhalation tube): ISO 22 mm (OD) conical

    Expiratory connection (exhalation tube): ISO 22 mm (ID) conical

    Air supply connection: coded according to DIN13260, max. 8 bar

    Oxygen supply connection: coded according to DIN13260, max. 8 bar

    Nominal voltage:

    100-240 VAC

    consumption :
    180 VA max.

    frequency :
    50-60 Hz 

    Nominal voltage:

    90-264 VAC

    consumption :

    180 VA max.


    47-63.6 Hz 


    12 VDC (battery)

    24 VDC (control voltage)

    Average operating time with fully charged battery:

    at least 30 minutes, optionally at least 2 hours

    Battery life:

    The battery must be changed regularly. The frequency depends on the ambient temperature in which the battery is operated and the number and depth of discharges. In a typical application it is recommended to use the battery as a minimum
    to change every two years.